O2O Solutions

For companies under multi-store development, useful Marketing data such as the preferences and living areas of the users are available.


Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and it becomes possible to deliver information to users in a variety of ways.
Not only can "Profile Passport" deliver information at pre-set times, it can also collect huge amounts of stored user data logs from a user's smartphone (Life Log) safely and in real-time.
As a result, if the individual preferences, living area and other information can be provided more efficiently, it will be easier to appeal to consumers and help boost your sales.


Six times better open rate than email magazines, due to information that sent to users individually.


A large number of emails are delivered to the user everyday, and the user is also struggling to sort them. In such a situation, it is no exaggeration to say that how to deliver information they feel "valuable" to the users in real time is the key to a business' success.
By using the "Profile Passport" function, not only can the user's attribute can be presumed, based on user's life log such as application usage and web browser history, the information can be customized to suit the user and send to him at the time he wants. By delivering the information at perfect timing, high performance was gained even for the same message which was six times higher.


AD Network Solutions

Life Log Targeting

Life Log Targeting Image
Targeting that allows for tailoring the ratio of information transmitted according to the user's daily living area.
By keeping the life log information of the user such as home, office, and locations he often goes to, it is possible to specify the areas and targeting to the fine levels of detail such as Ginza and Roppongi.

Application Targeting

Application Targeting Image
It is possible to make targeting by using the application usage history.
Say you apply preference targeting to a user who play popular puzzle games ten times a day. Eventually, you would be able to place an AD for your company on a competitor's application.

Interest Targeting

Interest Targeting Image
It is possible to target users based on their tastes, such as those who often look at travel or beauty sites.