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Blogwatcher Inc. Announces, Exhibition of Profile Passport DMP&DSP which Utilizes the Unique Targeting Technology for Advertising Delivery at the "Ad Engineering Summit" with the Theme Adtechnology"

   The Joint Venture Blogwatcher (headquarters in Tokyo, Minatoku, CEO, Ken Asano) which consists of Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd. and DENTSU INC. will present new AD Solution "Profile Passport DMP&DSP" for the first time in Tokyo Midtown on May 15(Thu)/16(Fri) 2014 during the "Ad Engineering Summit", which utilizes our company's unique cutting edge technology.

Date : Thursday, May 15, 2014, 16:00-20:00 and Friday, May 16, 10:00-20:00.
Venue : Tokyo Midtown, Midtown Hall A. 9-7-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Organizer : Cyber Agent, Inc. (
Official website :

   "Ad Engineering Summit" is a Conference of the latest technology for engineers that bring together advertising technology from all over the world. In addition to keynote lectures by both Japanese and international guest speakers and theme sessions, there will be exhibition of the latest advertising technology by companies from all over the world. This is an event where engineers and business people in the internet, mobile communications, advertising and IT can meet and connect, and where industry trends high quality technology of the ever advancing advertising technology can be seen.

"Profile Passport DMP&DSP", which realizes advertising distribution to provide users with more preference-relevant content.
It will be exhibited for the first time at the latest technology "Ad Engineering Summit" Conference geared for engineers.

   The "Profile Passport DMP&DSP" exhibited by our company this time is a new advertising solution which is based on the unique targeting technology "Profile Passport" and realizes advertising delivery more suitably according to the needs of the users.
   In addition to data analysis methods used in the general targeting advertising technique, it realizes targeting to analyze 3-information, based on application usage habits, user's living environment information and hobby/preference. Due to this, it realizes effective advertising distribution according to the needs and behaviour of the users, in addition to application activation and introducing users to shops.

We have prepared examples of the uses of "Profile Passport DMP&DSP" and various experimental data of the base "Profile Passport". For more information, please contact the person in charge.

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