Profile Passport DSP&DMP

The AD solution using location information and application history which optimizes advertising distribution!

Profile Passport DMP&DSP are smartphone specialized DMP and DSP. They are application usage history targeting and location information targeting functions with an addition of the traditional data analysis methods. A most optimized advertising distribution is realized through these two targeting methods. Moreover, by eliminating the fraud clicks with a unique algorithm, advertising can be delivered to an optimal audience.

AD Network Solutions

About Profile Passport AD Network

  • City level area data
  • Installed applications
  • Users demographic
  • Interest Category
  • Common advertising ID
Life logs, application logs, interest logs
Optimal audience delivery through machine learning technology
Data supply
Advertising delivery
Service Partners
Ad Network
Ad Exchange
Other company's DSP
Other company's SSP

Profile Passport AD Network Features

Life Log Targeting Image

Life Log Targeting

Targeting that allows for tailoring the ratio of information transmitted according to the user's daily living area.
By keeping the life log information of the user such as home, office, and locations he often goes to, it is possible to specify the areas and targeting to the fine levels of detail such as Ginza and Roppongi.
Application Targeting Image

Application Targeting

It is possible to make targeting by using the application usage history.
Say you apply preference targeting to a user who play popular puzzle games ten times a day. Eventually, you would be able to place an AD for your company on a competitor's application.
Interest Targeting Image

Interest Targeting

It is possible to target users based on their tastes, such as those who often look at travel or beauty sites.

These 3 types of targeting will make effective advertising a reality!

A joint venture by Dentsu and Recruit specializing in smartphone solutionsDeveloped by receiving exclusive supply of Gimbal Context Awareness Technology in Japan from the U.S. Qualcomm Retail Solution.